If you are looking for budget accommodation on your next holiday, then look no further than camping on the Scilly Isles. Although there are no youth hostels or other low cost arrangements, camping in the great outdoors and enjoying a magical night under the stars (albeit somewhat obscured by the roof of your tent!) can be very a worthwhile experience and extremely good value.


Each of the islands except Tresco has its own camp site and it is often quite warm enough in the summer for a sufficiently comfortable stay. The camp sites are not chains or luxury resorts, but a taste of the semi-wilderness. You will be provided with basic amenities such as fresh water as well as a toilet and shower block, but do not expect luxury facilities.

They camp sites on the Isles of Scilly are welcoming places, boasting good positions and spacious areas. If you are coming over straight from ‘urbanville’, without wishing to state the obvious, just remember there are few or no lights at night so remember to bring a torch!

St Agnes Camp Site

Troy Town camp site (pictured above and located on St Agnes island) is one of four Scilly Isles camp sites. Situated right on the coast, this site provides toilets and showers as well as washing up, hair drying, shaving, laundry, ironing and baby-changing facilities. You can even rent a bell tent, complete with inflatable beds, camping equipment and picnic table (?300-450 per week). The prices for ordinary camping pitches range from ?7.50 to ?8.50 per person per night plus extra tent and luggage transport charges. Dogs are admitted, a unique feature for camping providers on the Isles of Scilly, for ?2 nightly.

Bryher Camp Site

Situated in a sheltered valley on the beautiful island of Bryher, the camp site is just a short walk away from the sea and a hill-top full of wild ponies. There is even an adjacent football pitch. The site offers toilet, shaving, fresh water, washing machine, tumble drier, deep freeze, mobile phone charging and camping gas facilities. The charge is ?10 per person per night, and there is a non-refundable ?30 deposit per week. The site is open from April to September. However please be aware that no pets are allowed.

St Mary’s Camp Site

The Garrison Camp Site can be found a short walk from the harbour on St Mary’s, the largest of the islands. In close proximity to a play park, football pitch, the Star Castle hotel, stunning sea views from the hill top and many of the island’s main amenities, the camp site is perfectly situated. The site offers toilet blocks, laundry, a grocery store and wireless internet access, but you are not allowed motor vehicles (or dogs) on a site which is more than a short walk away from the air port (mini-bus taxis can take you all the way). The prices range from ?8.15 to ?11 per person per night, whilst there are extra charges for an electrical hook-up, trailer tow, bikes, and extra luggage or equipment.

St Martin’s Camp Site

This is the only 4 Star camp site on the Isles of Scilly (English Tourist Board), located extremely close to the beach. It is the second largest camp site on the islands, catering for up to 100 people (but again, no dogs!), and is open from March until October. There are toilet, shower, hair-drying, washing up and baby-changing facilities available, as well as laundry and ironing arrangements. You can also get freezer packs, gas cylinders and charge your mobile phone. All this will cost between ?9 and ?10.50 per person per night (children under 5 go half price).

Thanks for reading all about the wonderful experience that is camping on the Scilly Isles. From this selection of four sites, hopefully you will have found an island which suits your purposes. If not, and you appreciate the comforts of life over the great outdoors, just click here to view the various hotels on offer in the Isles of Scilly. Happy holidays!