The Scilly Isles helicopter is perhaps the most spectacular way to arrive on the islands, with the turquoise sea water glistening beneath you, the sun shining overhead and the rocky outcrops of secret islands emerging in the distance. This is more than just travel: it is part of your holiday experience.

However this option is certainly more expensive, and flights to or from the Scilly Isles may often be cancelled due to bad weather (in which case you should either be shipped onto the replacement ferry, refunded, or have your booking rearranged).

This article aims to provide you the details you need – such as prices and flight schedules – so you can find out whether this is the right travel option for your holiday to the Isles of Scilly.



Fortunately, unlike the plane and the ferry, you can buy discounted return trips on the helicopter. The overall cost is still probably more expensive, but this period return rate will at least help the budget somewhat. Still, the day return is by far the best value for money, and the period return only offers a small discount. The flights are operated by British International so please be aware that you will have to check all the details with them if you decide to travel – this website is only an introductory guide for prospective tourists.

Single Journeys

  • ?100 per adult
  • ?65 per child
  • ?38 for infants

Period Returns

  • ?190 for adults
  • ?119 for children
  • ?65 for infants

Saver Returns

  • ?162 per adult
  • ?104 per child
  • ?62 per infant

Day Returns

  • ?110 for adults
  • ?72 for children
  • ?52 for infants


British International runs the helicopter service – please do not rely on the information provided on this website, which is simply a starting-point guide, as any changes to times and dates are yours and that company’s responsibilities.


Thanks for reading this guide to the Scilly Isles helicopter. Please be aware that British International have said flight details may be changed without notice, so you will have to stay up to date with them despite this guide if you travel.

Nonetheless, this is a lovely way to travel to the islands of Scilly, so if you are prepared to include this in your budget then it could be well worth it. Although it has become something of a clich?, it would be true to say of the helicopter ride to Scilly that the journey really is just as important as the destination.