St Martin’s is the most northerly inhabited island in the Isles of Scilly, measuring 0.92 square miles and with a population of around 150 people. Its three main settlements are originally called Higher Town, Middle Town and Lower Town. Like all the islands, St Martin’s is wonderfully picturesque and a delight to visit. If you want a tranquil escape with a taste of beauty and comfort, then St Martin’s could be the island getaway for you.



St Martin’s is home to the earliest surviving beacon in Britain: the daymark (a granite, circular tower) was built in 1683. Until 1822 it was painted white, from 1833 was painted red and now, at a compromise, is painted in red and white bands. The other major historical feature on St Martin’s is the church, constructed in 1845 and part of the Isles of Scilly Methodist Circuit.


In order to get to St Martin’s you will need to fly or ferry over from the mainland, arriving in St Mary’s. From there you can take a short boat ride over. Once you’re on the island there is no public transport, though there are mobility scooters for hire if needed and accommodation owners can be asked to collect you on your arrival. The most important transport is the access by boat to the other nearby island communities.


St Martin’s offers a whole range of exciting activities such as touring the vineyard, exploring the flower farms, playing tennis or table tennis, gift shopping and diving. If all this gets to much you can just chill out on the beach, go to the bakery, dine at the restaurant or relax in the pub. As always in the Scilly Isles, various activities on the other islands are just a short boat trip away.


St Martin’s offers self-catering, B&B and camping accommodation, thus catering for most tastes and budgets, all rated with 3-4 Visit Britain Stars. Prices at the camp site start from ?9 per night, whilst the B&B begins at ?50 per person and self-catering units start at ?445 per week. The range of options may not be quite so diverse as that on other islands, but if one of these choices suits you, then all that’s left to say is: St Martin’s awaits!

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