The uninhabited islands of Scilly make up the majority of the Scilly Isles. In fact there are only 5 populated islands in total, whilst the largest uninhabited island of Samson used to be home to humans but is now desolate. To read more about these uninhabited isles just click here for Samson and click here for Annet.

A notable fact about ‘the places where no people go’ is that many of them have rather funny names. This is something you’ll notice from the bullet points below, which list many of the uninhabited islands:

  • Hunter’s Lump
  • Kettle Bottom
  • Annet
  • Great Ganilly
  • St Helen’s
  • Round Island
  • Tean
  • Great Cheese Rock
  • Men-a-vaur
  • The Western Rocks
  • The Norrard Rocks
  • The Eastern Isles
  • Samson

Thank you for reading about the uninhabited islands of Scilly. Admittedly they do not provide as much human interest as the populated islands, but there are a great sight to see by boat or helicopter and you can even visit some.