Samson is the biggest of all the uninhabited Isles of Scilly, measuring 0.15 square miles in size. Its former residents lived in stone cottages on a narrow isthmus connecting two great hills, but the island has been empty since 1855 when the inhabitants were removed by the Lord Proprietor as they were suffering from extreme deprivation.



Samson features in the books Why the Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo, Armorel of Lyonesse by Walter Besant and The Dangerous Islands by Ann Bridge.

Nature and Wildlife

The island was declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest in 1971 and is home to different birds such as terns and gannets. There is no longer a deer park, then, but it a protected wildlife area and there are two big hills.


If you want to access Samson this of course can only be done by the boat service that operates in the Isles of Scilly – that is once you’ve got to the Scilly Isles in the first place via plane, helicopter or ferry from the mainland. Once you’re on the island it is walking all the way, though this can be a guided walk so you aren’t entirely alone!


You can still visit the island though, with boat services running fairly regularly. There is no quay, so visits get off the boat onto a wooden plank. Once on the island you can see the remains of the old stone cottages and see the former deer park and go on guided walks. No amenities are available though so this island is as basic as they come.

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