In order to access the Isles of Scilly, you can take the Scilly Isles ferry from Penzance to St Mary’s island. The Scillonian III ferry is a much cheaper option than the helicopter or the plane, but admittedly is also rather less comfortable and spectacular (unless you’re afraid of heights that is or simply like the water).

The ferry is the preferred option of celebrated author Michael Morpurgo, a self-declared lover of the Scilly Isles, as he likes to see the islands gradually approaching in the distance as the boat magically approaches his home from home.


The ferry is also more reliable than the helicopter or light plane, given that the latter two may more often be cancelled in bad weather. However the ferry is also quite basic and can be crowded, so do not expect a fancy cruiser liner!

Here are the details you will need to consider when deciding on whether to travel by boat to the islands:


Unless you are returning from the islands on the same day you depart from Penzance, then you will have to get two one way fares. The return prices only apply to day trips. This makes your journey rather more expensive, as no period or saver returns are offered, but it should still come out cheaper than the other modes of transport. (Please remember that this website is just a guide, and it is your responsibility to check for the latest updates with the ferry company).


The prices include a baggage allowance of 25kg per person. Freight such as bikes, canoes and camping gear must be booked before travelling and excess baggage costs ?3 per kilo.

Single Journeys

In order to get there and back you will need to book two single journeys per person, so be sure to double the figures you see listed below to arrive at your overall expense:

  • ?42.50 per adult
  • ?21.50 per child
  • ?11 for infants
  • ?12.50 for dogs

Day Trips

Although it does not state this explicitly on the Scillonian III price list, the figures below must be assumed to be for each leg of the journey, so just double them to arrive at your total expense for a day trip. This will still be cheaper than buying two single journeys for different dates.

  • ?35 per adult
  • ?18 per child
  • ?9 per infant
  • ?25 per dog